Thursday, 26 April 2012


Yeahhh!!!! I almost screamed for joy when I went for a visit to our block and saw that a port-a-loo was there and some red markers. The markers look to be the outline of the house. Sooo exciting!!!! Her are some pictures. :)

CRAP!!!!!! Literally. Can't believe we have the iconic Port-a-Loo.

And here is one of the red pegs. Yeah!!!!!!


  1. Good one - its nice to see a red peg isn't it? We live in a nearby suburb and recently built with Wisdom. I am pretty sure you have the same SS as we had. He mentioned your build was up and coming a while ago. Our neighbors behind are also building with Wisdom and they are at brick stage. Cant wait to see your build "start", I will be watching with interest.

  2. Hi Superwoman,
    I hope everything goes well, we have had a disaster of a journey so far. Firstly with council then our original builder going bankrupt. If you have any words of advice at any stage, things to look out for etc, we will be so appreciative to hear it. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

  3. Great news, Annette! Where have you guys moved to? Still local I am assuming. xxx Alison

    1. Hi Allison,

      We are living in Ashbury until our house is built. Nothing has happened for a few weeks so we are probably going to be here for longer than what we think. :(.
      Bigpond lost my email, my new email is