Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Having been absent for the last 5 days, I wasn't sure what would have been completed this week. When we arrived the kitchen splashback was in, a few blokes were putting the wire fit outs in the cupboards.
Thanks to the Harry Potter book the two elder kids spent the time fighting over who will sleep in the cupboard below the stairs (roll eye moment). So much for being grateful for getting their own room.
A couple of men were also cleaning the house, removing stickers and plastic off toilets, bathtub, windows.

What I can think of that needs to be done:
- carpet of upstairs
- Rangehood and appliances (They may be going in after handover to prevent thieving)
- Front door handle and lock
- Landscaping (can be done after handover)
- Painting of upper front porch
- Cleaning, lots and lots
- Lounge stacker doors need to be reversed so we step onto the path and no the stairs
- Driveway, the whole 80cms worth
- PCI...yeah

Hoping we can move in soon!!!!! :)

The kitchen splashback.
They have even put glass either side of the rangehood exhaust pipe.
 Nice job. The colour is antique white
Kids in the cupboard under the stairs. Deciding how to fit a bed in

Friday, 21 September 2012


Well what a WONDERFUL day today was. We got the news from our Water Servicing Co-ordinator that we can hook the water up to Junction Rd, and use a temporary water source while waiting for the job to be ticked off by council, sydney water, RTA and who ever else then completed. Which means we will be moving into our house very soon and not after February when the water is permanently hooked up. It will be a massive cost to dig up the road and tap into the water main from our place but good news come very infrequently in this building game and for today nothing is going to pop my bubble.

I know our SS has been holding off mentioning a PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), due to our big water issues but I am hoping now he may be game enough to give a tentative date.

We are getting very close to the finish line, by this afternoon door finishes were on, the step into the garage completed, all bathroom furnishings in (towel rails, toilet paper holders etc).

Our SS said that next week the kitchen splashbacks will be installed and landscaping will continue. I hope the carpet goes in as well. I am so please with how well our building is coming along, every week they seem to achieve more work than what is proposed.

Door Handle

Little hand towel Rail in powder room

Steps into the garage with wet paint sign

Alarm Sensors are active and air con ducting is in

Sliding door handles installed

Big towel rails installed

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Today the plumbing was connecting the tank up and finishing off a lot of the drain pipes. The painters were back putting the third and final coat on the walls.

The water issue started to move along today with the Section 73 being available later this week from Sydney Water. So hopefully we will know the cost of connecting to Sydney Water soon. The price is going to be ugly.

I also choose tiles for our alfresco and side path.

Plumbing to the water tank.
3 year old out smarting the security fence.
Cement path along side of house soon to be tiled

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Today more work has been done. There has been a big clean up, all the rubbish has been removed inside and out. A water tank has been put in. The shower screens and mirrors were being installed while I did a quick check. The wardrobe fit out was installed but it needs a bit of a clean and fix up, as the edges are chipped. This will probably be done after PCI (practical completion inspection).

Our dune 3000L water tank 
Our wardrobe fitout
Semi-frameless shower screen and mirror

Friday, 14 September 2012


The landscapers were working hard laying foundations for the brick walls on the north and westerns side of the house. They also put the path in down the eastern side of the house.

I spoke to our Site Supervisor today, everything is moving along well except for the water. We are now playing the waiting game in a hope that Sydney Water will be able to tell us what to do. There will be a site clean on Monday...thank the Lord...see the picture below.

The cement truck laying the foundations for the brick fence.
The mess that will be cleared away on Monday,
 and the toilet that now requires a pole to hold it shut.
Strange device found in random cupboard..what is it???

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This morning the floor tilers were finishing off. I can't believe how time consuming floor tiling is. It has taken 3 days to complete our floor. The difficulty is trying to fit the big 600mm x 600mm tiles together with a 1mm gap. Also the edges have to be perfect to fit around the walls. They have done a good job.

I am a bit unhappy with the colour I chose as it doesn't go with the kitchen. I think it is the white cupboards, I am thinking of changing its colour to oyster linea (the colour of the bathroom vanities). What do other people think? I would love some feedback.
This is the best picture I have. The other was very blurry.
What do you think? Should I change the white cupboards to oyster linea. Feedback is greatly welcome.

Also today the landscapers were onsite digging holes with shovels and cute little diggers. It was lucky I turned up as they had an issue with the drawing and where the exact fence is meant to go. It was sorted on site and we found the surveyers peg.
The trench where the big brick fence will go.
Floor in lounge
The bath with our neighbours water in.

Floor- I like it from this angle.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


This afternoon the Floor tiling had commenced. Only a few tiles were down and the tilers were discussing how to fit them our hallway.

The tile colour is meant to be polished ivory porcelain. I think they looks a tinge browner than what I remember.

Add caption

Friday, 7 September 2012


Today the electricians were in doing all the electricals. They have set up the security system, put in all the lights ducting etc.
On the water issue we have been moved to a consultant and it looks like we are going to take a huge financial hit with this one as we may have to dig 40 metres to Junction rd. The water pipe that runs past our house is a trunk line which is difficult to tap into. Very stressful!!!

Ensuite looking beautiful
air duct
security sensor in most rooms
air-con ducting and down light in kitchen
They forgot the rangehood so drew one in.
The alarm light and sensor for side lights on the house

The LED security touch pad and power point

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Today the plumber was on site. They were putting all the plumbing fittings in. The bath wasn't in by the time I got there but should be in by this afternoon.

You know you have reached a crucial stage in building when the almighty toilets arrive. I had a real giggle when I shut the lid as they are all soft close lids...mmmm SURPRISE didn't expect that but very fancy. No more slamming lids shut in frustration with the males in the house.

The soft close lid toilets.
 I also like how you don't have to clean behind them.
Shower tap


Laundry Tap and sink in and plumbed.

Powder room taps
Kitchen sink tap.
 It looks a bit like something Dad would bend up in his shed.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The second coat of paint went on today. The colour is Taubmanns 'China Doll'. It's a shade of white. The place looks very bright. I have started thinking about feature walls but I may need some suggestions. Tomorrow the painters will return and do the third coat. The stairs look spectacular.

I love how the stairs are looking.
They are going to be carpeted as I didn't want to be driven crazy by elephant feet.
The gallery
Main bedroom wardrobe. The white is called 'China Doll'.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Today 5 painters were working on the house, by the afternoon they had completed the undercoat and glossing of the wooden features. Two more coats to go. I really enjoy talking to the painters they are nice people, working hard to make ends meet.

The bathroom, porch, ensuite, powder room and laundry tiling is complete. Sometime in the last few days the vitreous semi recessed vanity basins have been installed. I can't believe how fast they are flying through this build, everytime I turn up heaps more has been done. We are spoilt!!!

Undercoat being painted.
Painted lounge
Laquered from door
Tiling completed and basin in ensuite