Friday, 21 September 2012


Well what a WONDERFUL day today was. We got the news from our Water Servicing Co-ordinator that we can hook the water up to Junction Rd, and use a temporary water source while waiting for the job to be ticked off by council, sydney water, RTA and who ever else then completed. Which means we will be moving into our house very soon and not after February when the water is permanently hooked up. It will be a massive cost to dig up the road and tap into the water main from our place but good news come very infrequently in this building game and for today nothing is going to pop my bubble.

I know our SS has been holding off mentioning a PCI (Practical Completion Inspection), due to our big water issues but I am hoping now he may be game enough to give a tentative date.

We are getting very close to the finish line, by this afternoon door finishes were on, the step into the garage completed, all bathroom furnishings in (towel rails, toilet paper holders etc).

Our SS said that next week the kitchen splashbacks will be installed and landscaping will continue. I hope the carpet goes in as well. I am so please with how well our building is coming along, every week they seem to achieve more work than what is proposed.

Door Handle

Little hand towel Rail in powder room

Steps into the garage with wet paint sign

Alarm Sensors are active and air con ducting is in

Sliding door handles installed

Big towel rails installed

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