Thursday, 30 August 2012


The house building is still moving along at phenomenal speed. The kitchen benchtops are in and the kitchen sink, although covered with protective cardboard. The tilers are continuing their great work.

I spoke to our SS today and he said the painters will start tomorrow. We still have no water hooked up, we may have the house finished and still no water. Sydney water are being extremely unhelpful and I think they just hope we will go away. Wisdom homes have now hired consultants to try and deal with them. They might know what to do and how the inner workings of Sydney Water function. I might start researching how to put in underground tanks?????

Here is a little picture fess.

The Garage which will probably now become a rumpus (thanks Beth)
Kitchen with beautiful 'organic white' caesarstone bench tops.
This side has a 30cm hang over to become a breakfast bench.
A sink is such an exciting thing. I know I will get to know it well.
I love the under mount sink next to the caesarstone.
The bathroom niche.
A lot of shampoo, face cleanser and soap bottles can fit on that.
Fancy laundry tub.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Today the house was acid washed, including the inside of the garage. It looks beautiful. They used water blasters with a bit of acid in it. I think the blast was a bit too strong as there is a few places where the mortar was blown out. Thats easily fixed so it doesn't really matter.
Ooohhh!! I also got my first look at the kitchen benchtop through the window, they are gorgeous.

The front pillars have now been washed.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Today it looks like the benchtops have been put in. Now the tilers are working on the walls in the ensuite and bathroom. The decorative strip is thinner than I expected. You can see the caesarstone benchtops in the ensuite and bathroom. I will hopefully add more pictures this afternoon.

Porch tiles, not yet grouted
Bathroom + thin decorative tile strip. I am loving the niches they put in.
You can see our 'white shimmer caesarstone' benchtop. They sparkle in the light.
Midway through ensuite tiling

Monday, 27 August 2012


All hands were on deck today. The tilers and the carpenters were working around each other. The carpenters were completing the architraves and skirting boards. The tilers completed all wet area floors.

The toilet floor
Bathroom and shower floor.
 It is a good colour as this room is very dark and needs a skylight
Another cornice picture. this one shows the pretty edges.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


This morning we went for a quick lookie and surprise the gyprockers were back installing the cornices. Where has Wisdom picked up these gems. These guys are workers.

Our SS said that tiling will start this week.

The Corinces are called 'Decorative Tempo cornices', they come as part of our package. They're so stylish.

The Cornice looking very Decorative and Tempo.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

OK..IM A CRAZED HOUSE STALKER- 3rd visit today

Couldn't help myself and went around for the third time today at 4pm. By this stage the garage door was on (when did they do that??????). And the kitchen had been finished minus the benchtops. I'm glad the kitchen installer had left because he would really think I was psycho.

Here are some pictures....WISDOM HOMES YOU ARE GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!!!!  ;)

THE GARAGE DOOR- It's colour is Dune

I had to take these pictures through the window as the house is all locked up....I wonder why.
Kitchen handles are on..absolutely loving the new graphite laminex
You can see the snow drift and new graphite laminex

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Ensuite vanity unit
The vanity units and laundry cabinet minus their tops were all installed today. The kitchen was going in and will be completed by this afternoon. Here are some pictures. So excited as I though today (the day I get a new kitchen) would never come.
laundry tub cabinet
All the vanity units and laundry cabinet's colour is oyster linea. The ceasarstone colour on top will be white shimmer (it is sparkly).
powder room vanity
Bathroom vanity unit

The kitchen in the process of being built.
I already love it. The 'new graphite' colour looks great.
EDIT: This is the kitchen at 1pm, sorry about the bubbles, I will clean my camera. The pantry doors are the correct colour.

The kitchen at 1pm. The light is making the colour look funny. The pantry doors are the right colour. The colours I used were laminex 'new graphite' and the two cupboards either side of the rangehood hole are laminex 'snow drift'.
The caesarstone benchtop will be organic white.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


An electrician was working on the bathrooms today, they have also put holes in the walls....everywhere. When I walked in I thought we had been vandalised, see the kitchen piccie.
 Yesterday the carpenters were putting skirting board up and the sliding robe doors in. We haven't had the cornices installed yet, is that normal or are they waiting for the kitchen and bulkheads???

Wardrobe Doors and skirting board
Kitchen wall with heaps of important holes. The roof is also holey.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Water proofing of the bathrooms was completed today.

Im not sure what was happening on the weekend but there were some gyprockers on site on Sunday????. I just can't figure it out.

Also I have finally taken a picture of the front door and realised there is a mistake. There is meant to be a sidelite (a long glass panel) to the left but it has been forgotten. I really don't care and prefer it without the sidelite as it makes little difference to the building and I think it is safer as you can smash through a sidelite but not brick. :) all happy!!!!
Front door- no sidelite (don't want it now anyway)

Edited: I just noticed what the gyprockers were doing. They have gyprocked the porch roof and put the headland flashing on. It starting to look great.

Ensuite water proofing

Powder room water proofing

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Our SS rang on Friday to say it is time to think about landscaping. I happened to be home as my eldest was unwell. I met with Wisdom Landscapers on site and they went through what we are going to do and I had to make a few decisions on materials. The boundary fence is council specified to be 1800mm high, double brick boral murray grey. It will block a lot of northern light out, so I am going to ask council if I can put a few large glass bricks in. Don't know what the chances of them allowing it are...

Next week the builders are finishing off the skirtings and doors and waterproofing the bathrooms.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


It was dark by the time I got to the house today. All internal doors had been installed except for the sliding wardrobe ones. The hidden laundry door was in and the front door was on with an ugly old lock on it. I don't think they will put the pretty door handle on as it may be stolen. The nice finishes go on last of all. How fast are Wisdom Homes building, I am fortunate to have the best SS.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Today the stairs were installed, the kids are so disappointed, they were hoping we would use a ladder and firemans pole. Yesterday the Garage roof was completed and the whirly bird retrieved and replaced. Im am so happy with how the house is looking and the pace the build is going, a big thank you to our SS.

Stairs being completed. They will be carpeted as I wanted to mute the clumping sound

The garage on the southern side now has a roof.
The council would only allow a single garage (roll eyes).
Sunny house

Sunday, 12 August 2012

OUR WHIRLY BIRD FLEW AWAY..bye bye birdy bye bye

Our neighbour rang this morning to say he has caught our whirly bird, we had gale force winds on the weekend and our whirly bird landed in his backyard. He has been a builder for 40 years and said besides the whirly bird incident the Wisdom Homes build is exceptional. He said the brickies did a great job and the house is solid and sound. It is great to get affirmation as I thought it looked good.

The digger is working in our backyard today, I think they may be doing a clean up and landscaping but the dunny is in the middle of the lane, it sort of looks like the tardis, but the Australian version.

Friday, 10 August 2012


The gyprockers and plasterers came today (on a Saturday) and again worked flat out. Here is a photo fest of what has been done today. It's so exciting to actually have walls.

Looking out the front door
Standing in the gallery. Bathroom on the left. Bedroom 2 and 3 on the right. The throne room straight ahead.
The bath is plastered and gyprocked
main bedroom to ensuite. Built in wardrobe to the right
4th bedroom. You can see built in Robe on the right.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Talk about going flat out. Three CHEERS for Wisdom Homes, I am so impressed. By midday today the gyprockers have completed a lot of the house. The cabling has been re done and the batts are in. It is very hard to steal the cabling once these jobs are done, so hopefully we won't be robbed again.

I meet with the police on site this morning and they said that the electric cable stealing is going on everywhere in Sydney. They already have a couple of suspects, and were door knocking the neighbours to see if they saw anything. Top Guys, Good Job, I hope they catch them.

This is what the place looked like at 9am this morning. By midday heaps more was done. The gyprockers must think Im stalking them.

Batts in gyprocking started

Kitchen Wall
batted wall  (garage/dining wall)
Batted wall (ladder is where stairs will be)


Last night some low life robbed us of our electricity cabling and did damage to the studs and fence. They would have got a nasty electrocution too as it was live (sucked in). So our electricity lasted only one day. Wisdom will recable at some time  and put the batts and gyprock in all at once and get our place to lock up asap. Our SS was so upset.

So we are looking at getting our security installed so it doesn't happen again. The police said they will do drive bys.

So gutted and disappointed that we are reminded that those sort of people exist.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So much has happened today. I arrived after work so the pictures are dark. The scaffolding has been taken down and MOST importantly the electricity looks to be hooked up. YEAHHH!!!! we have our first utility.

The electricians have also been hard at work, the house is all wired and the power point brackets put in.

Scaffolding down- North side

Scaffolding down- eastern side
Electrical hooked up
Power point bracket

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Today the house was moroka rendered. It looks really good. Unfortunately the pictures are in the afternoon and have shadow on them.

Dune coloured moroka

Sunday, 5 August 2012


We have a green house today...don't panic neighbours because it's just the undercoat for the moroka (render). The eaves have been painted too. Inside the house the men were doing a big clean up when I arrived. Also a hidden door was put into the laundry.

The hidden door frame for the laundry
The painted eaves
The green undercoat for the moroka (render)