Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BRICKS CLEANED, AIR-CON DUCTING, POWER BOX much done in a few days. Since Monday the powerbox has been put in (no power yet- but this is a very positive sign that power will be on soon. The air-conditioning ducting was put in and the bricks were acid washed today, they look so pretty. Also it looks as if they are preparing the upper level for rendering with a white powdery substance being wiped all over the bricks.

The air-conditioning is funny. As part of our package we get free air-conditioning but our council wouldn't allow air-conditioning (?????). So we are getting free ducting and no air-conditioning unit until hand over. This is annoying as we now have to pay for the unit and the installation because of a council's green agenda. AAAHHH!!!!.

The eaves were also delivered today, so I assume they will be put up in the next few days.

The much anticipated power box. I gave it a kiss. :)
Acid washed bricks, aren't they pretty once they are cleaned.
The air-conditioning ducting- Our house looks like the Tardis.


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  2. How was the ducting? Did they use quality materials? It is important to have quality materials for the ducts because it's one parts of the AC system that owners don't get to check regularly.

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