Sunday, 19 August 2012


Water proofing of the bathrooms was completed today.

Im not sure what was happening on the weekend but there were some gyprockers on site on Sunday????. I just can't figure it out.

Also I have finally taken a picture of the front door and realised there is a mistake. There is meant to be a sidelite (a long glass panel) to the left but it has been forgotten. I really don't care and prefer it without the sidelite as it makes little difference to the building and I think it is safer as you can smash through a sidelite but not brick. :) all happy!!!!
Front door- no sidelite (don't want it now anyway)

Edited: I just noticed what the gyprockers were doing. They have gyprocked the porch roof and put the headland flashing on. It starting to look great.

Ensuite water proofing

Powder room water proofing


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