Thursday, 30 August 2012


The house building is still moving along at phenomenal speed. The kitchen benchtops are in and the kitchen sink, although covered with protective cardboard. The tilers are continuing their great work.

I spoke to our SS today and he said the painters will start tomorrow. We still have no water hooked up, we may have the house finished and still no water. Sydney water are being extremely unhelpful and I think they just hope we will go away. Wisdom homes have now hired consultants to try and deal with them. They might know what to do and how the inner workings of Sydney Water function. I might start researching how to put in underground tanks?????

Here is a little picture fess.

The Garage which will probably now become a rumpus (thanks Beth)
Kitchen with beautiful 'organic white' caesarstone bench tops.
This side has a 30cm hang over to become a breakfast bench.
A sink is such an exciting thing. I know I will get to know it well.
I love the under mount sink next to the caesarstone.
The bathroom niche.
A lot of shampoo, face cleanser and soap bottles can fit on that.
Fancy laundry tub.

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