Thursday, 9 August 2012


Talk about going flat out. Three CHEERS for Wisdom Homes, I am so impressed. By midday today the gyprockers have completed a lot of the house. The cabling has been re done and the batts are in. It is very hard to steal the cabling once these jobs are done, so hopefully we won't be robbed again.

I meet with the police on site this morning and they said that the electric cable stealing is going on everywhere in Sydney. They already have a couple of suspects, and were door knocking the neighbours to see if they saw anything. Top Guys, Good Job, I hope they catch them.

This is what the place looked like at 9am this morning. By midday heaps more was done. The gyprockers must think Im stalking them.

Batts in gyprocking started

Kitchen Wall
batted wall  (garage/dining wall)
Batted wall (ladder is where stairs will be)

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