Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This morning the floor tilers were finishing off. I can't believe how time consuming floor tiling is. It has taken 3 days to complete our floor. The difficulty is trying to fit the big 600mm x 600mm tiles together with a 1mm gap. Also the edges have to be perfect to fit around the walls. They have done a good job.

I am a bit unhappy with the colour I chose as it doesn't go with the kitchen. I think it is the white cupboards, I am thinking of changing its colour to oyster linea (the colour of the bathroom vanities). What do other people think? I would love some feedback.
This is the best picture I have. The other was very blurry.
What do you think? Should I change the white cupboards to oyster linea. Feedback is greatly welcome.

Also today the landscapers were onsite digging holes with shovels and cute little diggers. It was lucky I turned up as they had an issue with the drawing and where the exact fence is meant to go. It was sorted on site and we found the surveyers peg.
The trench where the big brick fence will go.
Floor in lounge
The bath with our neighbours water in.

Floor- I like it from this angle.

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