Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Having been absent for the last 5 days, I wasn't sure what would have been completed this week. When we arrived the kitchen splashback was in, a few blokes were putting the wire fit outs in the cupboards.
Thanks to the Harry Potter book the two elder kids spent the time fighting over who will sleep in the cupboard below the stairs (roll eye moment). So much for being grateful for getting their own room.
A couple of men were also cleaning the house, removing stickers and plastic off toilets, bathtub, windows.

What I can think of that needs to be done:
- carpet of upstairs
- Rangehood and appliances (They may be going in after handover to prevent thieving)
- Front door handle and lock
- Landscaping (can be done after handover)
- Painting of upper front porch
- Cleaning, lots and lots
- Lounge stacker doors need to be reversed so we step onto the path and no the stairs
- Driveway, the whole 80cms worth
- PCI...yeah

Hoping we can move in soon!!!!! :)

The kitchen splashback.
They have even put glass either side of the rangehood exhaust pipe.
 Nice job. The colour is antique white
Kids in the cupboard under the stairs. Deciding how to fit a bed in

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