Tuesday, 23 October 2012


WHAT A NIGHTMARE COUNCIL IS!!!!. It is written on our DA not to touch their heritage 1950's gutter that are eroding. So the demolition bloke and builder have been very careful working around the decrepit guttering, 2 weeks ago the council have said we have to replace the gutter.

Now council has made the landscaper submit a heap of forms and pay more to council for us to replace the gutters we were told we couldn't touch. At an extra cost of $5400 and 2 extra days.

Good news is that today the landscaper received the go ahead  from council, so now we can build the feng shui, kosher, imitation heritage gutter.

We were meant to get keys next Wednesday but the date will probably be put back till Friday or Monday as the gutter won't be ready by then. One thing that has gone well is the Bank. They seem to be ready to go, no problems there.

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