Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Drainage- Working on the House Anatomy

A few things have happened while our slab cures.

1. They have removed all the excess clay. The port-a-loo has been straighten from it's 55 degree angle. Im sure it will be more comfortable to sit on and help with accuracy.

2. Today they have been working on the drainage. BIG PROBLEM...the plumber can't find the fresh water pipes. According to Sydney Water they are there (put down in the 1800's so maps are sketchy). But the plumber is struggling to find them. I really hope he can as it will be very costly to hook up to the main junction 40 metres away.

Here are the water works. I can't believe they were working on this as it was raining on and off today and they were in big gumboots getting wet.

Here was the nice man on the digger.

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