Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Today a couple of brick wall were completed. I don't understand the hows or whys these two walls were completed and nothing more.....I really hope its not another problem.  Yesterday I think I found the solution to the missing fresh water pipes by obtaining old water maps of the area. The plumber has been digging in the western lane where there is only a sewer pipe. The fresh water pipe runs along the northern lane. Hopefully they will find it now.

Blue line is fresh water, Brown line is sewer (it figures).  Our block is pink.
The plumber hooked up to the sewer where the 7 is on the western lane....No fresh water.
If they dig on the northern lane they should hit the blue line and fresh water. 

The little bit of bricking that was done today on the eastern wall.
The brick colour is boral murray grey dry pressed, it has a soft pink tinge to it, I think I really like it. 

The wall joining the house to the garage.
The wall was still wet so it had just been completed.

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