Saturday, 28 July 2012


Even though it is Saturday the brickies were hard at work. They completed the bricking by mid-day. YEAHHHHHHH!!!! the bricking phase seems to take a long time.

I met with our Site Supervisor yesterday to sort out a few kitchen issues. He said that next week the eaves will be completed, the bricks will be acid washed and cleaned and the moroka rendering done. He wants the house to have the scaffolding removed asap as it does take up room in the lane way and the neighbours have been patient enough but we don't want to push it.

 We have two big issues, we still don't have electricity or water. We have been borrowing a neighbours water to complete the bricks. Sydney Electric is being very slow and Sydney Water still needs to tap into the pipe running past our place. I really hope these issues can be resolved soon as the gyprocking requires electricity. And it would also sort of suck living in a house without electricity, water and gas.

North-Western Corner- Completed Bricks

Northern Side- Front of the house
Eastern Side

Southern Side- back of the garage

Garage Front (Western side)

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