Sunday, 1 July 2012


We were in Papua New Guinea last week visiting friends. Thank you to all the great people in PNG who opened our eyes to an amazing country. Congratulations to Peter who fulfilled a life long dream of catching a big fish.

Anyway back to reality. I spoke to our S.S. today and the foundation bricks have been laid. Tomorrow they will put down the termite guards, then on Wednesday start re bricking. We still can't find the water pipes. Sydney Water cannot seem to help us so I am looking for an expert water finder somewhere who may be able to help, doesn't anyone have any ideas??????.

Our neighbours have allowed us to hook up to there pipes for the brick work. I am so grateful, Thank you so much.

Here are updated picture.

The bricks are called Boral Dry Pressed Murray Grey. I really quite like how they look.

Easter side of foundation bricks

Northern Side of Brick Foundations

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